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FINALLY - meaningful, effective, affordable, and FUN professional development for ALL learners of ALL ages in ALL socioeconomic environments!!


We've all been there. Another PD day, another day to dread because of the prior horrors of Professional Development.  Another rash of staff call-outs, another day where we aren't helping our learners grow.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a day where teachers LEARN and LEAVE HAPPY? A professional development day where teachers can TURNKEY knowledge acquired that can be put into place THE NEXT DAY? A day where all can grow, learn, and move onward on our educational charge?


Is this too hokey for you?  Think this can't be done in your district? See what educators from over 37 states and Canada have said: 

"Jay Eitner is a game-changer.  His professionalism, insight, and explanations have been essential in helping me roll out changes in our district." 


- Brenda, Supervisor of Instruction, California 

" Eitner Education offered a great day of learning for both our novice and seasoned teachers. The materials were fantastic and teachers were using things the next day!"


- Ed, Superintendent, New Jersey

"Eitner is passionate, practical, and precise. His way of presenting ideas and data was with ease.  The day was filled with laughter and hands-on experiences."


- Laura, Principal, Texas

" Eitner Education brought an array of ideas, conversations, and positivity into our district.  It was the breath of fresh air that our district needed."


- Peter, Superintendent, Iowa

"The room started off with a sea of crossed arms and evil eyes.  The room ended with laughter and optimism. I'd say that sums up how amazing the professional development was."


-Walt, Board of Education President, New Jersey 









Whether it is a simplistic workshop for your staff, or developing a long-range master plan with goals, let Eitner Education help you achieve your goals for your classroom, school, or district.  We offer a variety of educational enhancements to serve all ages, districts, and budgets. Contact us for further information on how we can help you grow, learn, and move forward. 

For more information, you can email our team at

Information on Cyber Harassment, Bullying, and Suicide Prevention can be found at 

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Dr. Jay Eitner speaking at The White House

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