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For Superintendents,

                        By Superintendents

Superintendent PD should not just be sales pitches and meetings reminiscing about the good ol' days with the good ol' boys.


Superintendents should get meaningful, effective, helpful PD just like everyone else.


I can speak about this because I have sat through it. Meeting after meeting, sales pitch after sales pitch.  Superintendents have one of the toughest jobs in district.  We are held accountable in almost every possible area and have anywhere between five and 12 bosses (BOE members). We deserve the same quality PD like everyone else.


That is why Jay Eitner offers exclusive workshops for Superintendents by a practicing Superintendent. The F-S-B-S model is available to practicing district-level administrators. Contact Jay for more information. 



Stay relevant; don't be the joke of your district.

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